Work Station Hoof Stand Update . . . "Deluxe Tool Caddy" August 06 2015

The Work Station (WS-1) has been upgraded with the addition of the new "Deluxe Tool Caddy". I've tested the prototype for several months and instantly went for it. What I like about it most of all is its many "compartments" that have been configured individually to hold the entire NHC tool line. This was a growing problem for the professional NHC practitioner using the earlier tool caddy which failed to accommodate all our tools and in the right way for efficient use. The Deluxe Tool Caddy solves the problem, giving us the right kind of space and the amount of space we need.

Other features -- the Deluxe Tool Caddy: detaches from the hoof stand for easy cleaning, has a carrying handle for work without the hoof stand (although I haven't found this useful since I always use it with the hoof stand), and includes a new plastic disc for spinning around on the hoof stand base (another great improvement over the earlier model). The main body of the caddy is now square instead of tubes grouped around the main shaft of the hoof stand. At first I thought this would be an impediment to working around, but within seconds I realized it was actually more compact and less of an intrusion than the previous version. Moreover, its "spin" on the stand was so superior that tools seemed to just arrive effortlessly right under my finger tips. In short, I can never go back. My old caddy sits in the corner of my storage now, and seeing it there reminds of how NHC continues to advance on many fronts -- including new tools and equipment.

Note: The "Deluxe Tool Caddy" with spinning disc can be purchased separately to replace your old tool caddy (with cups) on the WS-1 hoof stand.

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