J. Jackson Natural Trim Clinics September 01 2015

J. Jackson Natural Trim Clinics

If you are having problems or uncertainty regarding your horse’s hooves, whether from unnatural hoof care practices, laminitis, or the possibility of Navicular Syndrome (NS), my “hands on” clinics can help you.

2 Day Natural Trim Clinic – this clinic will give you the foundations of the natural trim and how it can be applied to any hoof, whether perfectly healthy and sound, or suffering the effects of laminitis, NS, shoeing, or harmful/invasive trimming practices. If you have been trimming on your own but aren’t sure about yourself, then this clinic will give you the skills and confidence to expand your hoof care capabilities. This clinic is also a door opener to those thinking they want to become professionals and move on to the ISNHCP NHC Practitioner Training Program. Because the clinic takes place here at our AANHCP Field Headquarters, you’ll also get to see our horses’ great hooves – which represent the goal of the natural trim -- and the natural environment of our official Paddock Paradise they live in and that renders their hooves like the ones I studied in the wild. If I had may way, this clinic would also be a requirement of all equine vets before leaving vet school, and, at the very least, a “continuing education” accredited course.

Here’s the 2 Day clinic link: http://www.jaimejackson.com/pages/2-day-natural-trim-clinic

Private Clinic – this clinic is ideal for the “aggressive” hands-on learner full of questions and knows what they want. But it is also excellent for the more reserved learner who tackles problems in a slower, well-measured manner and needs my guiding hand to lead them through and past problems and into the realm of NHC (natural horse/hoof care) that leaves pathology behind once and for all and delivers “vitality”. And if you are a farrier, and simply need the “crossover” skills to augment or depart from your shoeing skills to become an expert at the natural trim, I can really help you because I was a professional farrier before I discovered NHC and know exactly where you’re at. With no one around to bother us, we can dig right into trim mechanics and I can help you deflect all the farrier myths that keep horses in shoes that are no longer necessary.

Here’s the Private clinic link: http://www.jaimejackson.com/pages/private-clinic