AANHCP Paddock Paradise Tour September 01 2015

AANHCP Paddock Paradise Tour

If you’re considering creating a Paddock Paradise natural habitat for your horses, or simply want to know more about genuine natural care for any horse, then I highly recommend taking a tour at our AANHCP Field Headquarters and Paddock Paradise here along the central coast of California.

For most of our visitors, the experience has been life changing, particularly for understanding what we mean by “natural care”. On the tour, you get to experience first hand many of the things I wrote about in my book, Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding. My colleague Jill Willis and I will be right there with you to answer every question and point out things you might not notice.

You’ll walk our “track” and see the many “paths” our horses have created for themselves, as we say, “they know exactly where they want to go”. But there’s more: their interesting behaviors, pleasant and curious demeanor, and sound muscular bodies. “Your horses are so friendly,” is a common theme we hear from visitors. Of course, there’s their incredible hooves, which I maintain as needed in accordance with the principles and practices of the “natural trim”. Many have asked us, "what is a natural trim" and "what does a natural trim look like"? Wonder no more! Bring your video camera because you'll get to see and touch the real thing and take the images back to share with others. In addition, you’ll get to compare those hooves with our wild horse hoof specimens so you can see the wonderful similarities that all horses deserve. I'll also show you the unique tools and equipment that I use to trim and that are so important to do it right.

On another front, you’ll see how and what we feed our horses – and both are incredibly important to sustain their natural movements, vitality and freedom from such diseases as laminitis and parasite infestations. Their 24/7 "life on track" is also stimulated by wild life that cohabit with them or pass through. This includes the "ambush predator" mountain lions who provide important "prey-predator pressure" on horses come dusk. This is nature's built-in behavior mechanism to facilitate natural "collection" and athleticism, which, as a consequence, facilitates the prevention of Navicular Syndrome!

Okay, so the next time you look into the eyes of your horse, ask yourself, what is truly in their best interest according to their specie’s biological needs? Paddock Paradise answers that question unequivocally. For all that they do for us, it’s the least we can do for them. Take a tour with us and find out for yourself.