New shipment of F. Dick Flat Rasps have arrived November 20 2015

New shipment of F. Dick flat rasps have arrived. If you haven't tried these superior rasps, you are missing out. Due to the arrival of a new generation of NHC tools, I use the F. Dick flat rasp rarely on the bottom of the hoof (volar profile), as this work is now done principally by the GE nippers (standard and race track), hoof knife, flexible HB-2 rasp (to accentuate the water line), and SR-2 rasp for bar and sole refining. Instead, it is deployed in a very limited but important way across the outer wall to remove excess growth, and in establishing symmetry (front hooves) and asymmetry (hind hooves) around the mustang roll as viewed in the hoof's superior view. The F. Dick is complemented by the RR-1,2 series of radius rasps and the flexible HB-1 sander/buffer for fine finishing the outer wall and mustang roll. If you are a "barefooter", professional or amateur (including horse owners), you may wish to take one of my hands-on clinics to learn their proper use. See the F. Dick here: