An important "tool" for every horse owner! August 07 2017

More and more horse owners want clear answers about their horses hooves from our NHC perspective of what's genuinely "natural." Chances are good they're not going to get this from their farriers, the vast majority of whom continue to thumb their noses up at the greatest gift the horse world could ever hope for: the wild, free-roaming horse of the U.S. Great Basin. These animals spells out the truth of the matter! I've created several "tools" and books to help horse owners help themselves to get answers. One tool is the Hoof Meter Reader (HMR), which I created years ago so that I could measure wild horse hooves during my studies with the BLM's help back in the early 1980s. We use extensively during the ISNHCP training program. It's that important! The HMR is easy to use and lets you know if your horse's hooves are in the natural toe angle and toe length ranges or not. Measurements off the HMR readout scales could very well mean your horse's hooves are in trouble and need help. Why wonder or worry when you can find out yourself? The HMR is both a preventive and diagnostic tool. In fact, vets should be required to learn how to use them in vet schools. You can purchase your HMR here, and I've included instructions you can reference anytime right on this website. Shipping is free for both U.S. and international orders. I'll be back next week to talk about another tool you can put to good use. The J. Jackson Online NHC Store has got your back. See you at checkout! -- Jaime Jackson