Another important tool for horse owners! August 13 2017

As I get many requests from horse owners wanting to understand more about their horse's hooves, I can't think of a better way to provide them with tools they can use themselves to learn first hand. Last week I introduced the "Hoof Meter Reader (HMR)," a tool for measuring toe length and toe angle, and which is calibrated relative to the wild horse hoof -- my model for healthy, naturally shaped hooves. This week I'm recommending the "Hoof Balancer," made of sturdy Lexan plastic and probably the strangest piece of plastic you'll ever own! Well, until you learn how to use it. We use the Hoof Balancer in ISNHCP clinics to teach students how to "sight" hooves for "hoof balance" and "heel balance," just as I did during my study of U.S. Great Basin wild horse hooves. Why is this important? Hooves not in balance are vulnerable to breakdown (e.g., Navicular Syndrome), tripping, and interference, and dangerous falls that can bring injury to horse and rider. No need to wonder any longer if your hooves are naturally balanced! Now you can do something about it and let your trimmer know if they're on the ball or not! Used with the HMR, you're really equipped to solve and prevent problems. So, go get your own Hoof Balancer here. Basic instructions for hoof and heel balance are included. If you want the companion comprehensive book on the subject, you can order the Hoof Balancer Instruction book (free shipping anywhere in the U.S.) here. BTW, I'll be back in a week to feature another useful tool to help you with your horse's hooves. The J. Jackson Online Store always has your back. See you at the checkout counter! -- J. Jackson