Hay Bags


This is the hay bag that was used in the official AANHCP Paddock Paradise as featured in my book Paddock Paradise. Each net will hold 2 to 3 flakes of hay, or 35 pounds (15 kg). Nets close with a cord (included), which pass through metal rings (see photos here) in some stock and in others through netted loops. The bags are otherwise identical and of the same quality. We used both in our Paddock Paradise. I get bulk shipments that vary -- some with, some without metal rings - depending on what the importer, in turn, gets. So, I never know in advance what is going to be in stock from shipment to shipment. I will ship what we have in stock.

We had five horses living 24/7 on a mile (1.6 km) long track. There were five “feed stations” spaced along the track, each with five hay nets (one for each horse). This set up virtually eliminates all hay waste. It is healthier for the horses as it encourages more natural feeding behavior and natural movement. Great for the hooves! Learn more about natural boarding by reading Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding or visiting www.PaddockParadise.com or Paddock Paradise Facebook.

Also offered here is the Quick link (see photos) with which to close the net in place of the draw string (remove it from the bag). This has proven to be such a time saver, words can't describe. The quick link passes through the same eyelets where the string passed through. The link then attaches to a bucket strap which we leave tied to the pole as shown in the photos. Order Quick Links here.

I also offer fully assembled Hay Poles, the same units we use on track at the AANHCP Field Headquarters. These are a very effective way to use your hay nets. Check them out here.

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