J. Jackson Tripod Hoof Stand (Basic Model, WS-1)


Tripod Hoof Stand (Basic Model, WS-1)

This high quality tripod hoof stand for horse owner trimmers and other non-professionals is more than just a piece of equipment for supporting the horse’s hoof. It is also a portable “work station” for carrying a minimal number of trimming/cleaning tools with you as you go from one hoof to the next. This hoof stand is an investment in your work and will last you for many years if taken care of and used as intended.

The tool caddy of the WS-1 Basic tripod hoof stand is not intended to meet the rigorous demands of the professional natural hoof care practitioner. However, the WS-1 Basic hoof stand can be upgraded to the WS-2 Professional Hoof Stand model by replacing the Basic tool caddy with the J. Jackson Professional Aluminum Tool Caddy.

Click here for a complete description of the WS-1 Tripod Hoof Stand, including assembly instructions. File (pdf) is high resolution and downloadable.

This product does not include trimming tools. Find other tools and equipment click on "Hoof Care" on the website menu bar above.


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