ISNHCP Natural Trim Training Manual (2020 ed.)


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$19.95, 88 pp., Perfect bound, Black/white text, 2020 edition.


Due to COVID-19 delays from my printing source, it will be a month or more before I can obtain copies to sell here. However, online retailers like Amazon have their own access to printing routes that are unavailable to me. Please note too that international shipping rates are astronomical these days, and custom's fees may be too, and can slow down delivery. The good news is that all of my books are distributed by Ingram Book Company, one of the world's largest book distribution companies with printing operations worldwide. Chances are good that you can order copies right in your own country and avoid international shipping rates and custom's fees. Amazon and other online dealers may also offer the same advantages to you. For your convenience, I am providing a link here to purchase ISNHCP Training Manual (2020 edition) from Amazon, but check local sellers in your country too. And feel free to check back here at a later date for a signed copy.

Amazon:  ISNHCP Training Manual (2020 edition)

Many thanks to all of you!

Jaime Jackson

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