J. Jackson & Jill Willis NHC Consultations

   Jaime Jackson                                        Jill Willis

Your consultants

Jaime Jackson is a 45 year veteran farrier turned NHC practitioner, researcher, author, and advocate for humane horse care practices. He founded the AANHCP in 2000, and with his colleague Jill Willis, the ISNHCP Natural Trim Training Program in 2009.

Jill Willis is an ISNHCP Practitioner, and co-founder of the ISNHCP Natural Trim Training Program. Jill provides expert advice about the horse's diet from the NHC perspective.

What is NHC?

NHC is an acronym for "natural horse/hoof care". Our consultations address issues from the perspective of natural horse and hoof care based on our model: the wild, free-roaming horses of the U.S. Great Basin.

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