J. Jackson & Jill Willis NHC Consultations

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Jaime Jackson is a 40 year veteran farrier turned NHC practitioner, researcher, author, and advocate for humane horse care practices. He founded the AANHCP in 2000, and with his colleague Jill Willis, the ISNHCP in 2009.

Jill Willis is an AANHCP NHC Practitioner, and co-founder of the ISNHCP NHC training program. With her colleague Jaime Jackson, she manages the official AANHCP field headquarters in Lompoc, CA.

What is NHC?

NHC is an acronym for "natural horse/hoof care". Our consultations address issues from the perspective of natural horse and hoof care based on our model: the wild, free-roaming horses of the U.S. Great Basin (see Jaime Jackson bio for more information about our model and how it came about.

About our NHC consultation services

Many traditional horse keeping practices take a huge and unnecessary toll on the lives of our equine companions and far too many of them are needlessly “discarded” or euthanized daily with conditions that could have been prevented or cured as a result of naturalizing their lives. And while some have suffered surgical procedures or injuries that will make them unlikely to ever return to full soundness, it is certainly possible for them to have the benefit of a comfortable and quality life. In some cases, drastic changes need to be made and in other instances, just a few minor adjustments is all it takes for us to make room for nature's miracles to take place.

Some of you might need expert guidance for something that we consider to be simple — such as transitioning your horse from shoes to barefoot. We can assure you that we have yet to meet a horse who could not successfully and comfortably use their own barefoot hooves in every way imaginable better than if an iron shoe is nailed to the bottom of their foot — given the proper diet, boarding conditions, trimming method and lifestyle. Some of you might have a trimmer or hoof care practitioner who you really like and want to keep as a valuable member of your horse's team, but is someone who needs further education and training. It is easy enough in many instances to help determine this and to provide you with a variety of solutions — including bringing your trimmer into the consultation process for obtaining critical measurements. Our goal is to help horses in need and help educate you on what you can do to provide a lifestyle that will serve him or her in a more optimal manner.

Why Do a Consultation?

The purpose of this consultation service is to provide you with an expert opinion at a reasonable price for a number of reasons. There may not be qualified, competent natural hoof care practitioners in your area. You may be looking for a second opinion. For many people, the traditional methods advised by their veterinarians and/or farriers have taken a toll on your horse and not made he/she any healthier or sounder.We absolutely encourage people to use their vets in those areas where they are highly skilled and adept — such as managing pain or treating the symptoms of pathology. However, most vet schools do not consider — or teach their students — how the unique needs and characteristics of the equine species impacts their physical health. What we have learned from experience working with horses is that we have the ability to use the many dimensions of the sound, healthy horse living in a natural habitat — such as that of the U.S. Great Basin — as a model for proving healthier avenues and options for our domestic equines. Simply making some minor adjustments that resonate deep within the coded messages of their DNA may be all that is necessary to get your horse on the path to health and soundness. We feel very confident that if there is any possibility for a horse to return to soundness and/or comfort, that the lessons of nature are their best — and often, only, chance, to do so.

In order to help you and your equine companion(s), you will need to complete a detailed "Questionnaire" which will be sent via email after you register for a consultation. This will facilitate a full evaluation and analysis of the situation and help to determine if there is any additional information needed. Many popular equine food & supplement products are problematic to the species as a whole. Some minor adjustments to the diet (often elimination!) may immediately help reduce common causes of inflammation and support a path to healing and optimal health.

What to Expect

Depending upon where you are located in the world, you will receive your questionnaire within 1 to 24 hours after registering. Please email us in advance if you have a situation where timing is critical (you are leaving town, for example, the following morning and will not have access to a computer for several days). Within 24 to 48 hours after returning the questionnaire, you will hear back from us with additional questions or immediate instructions -- or both.

If you have any questions, email us at info@isnhcp.net