NHC single issue only consultation (email) with Jaime Jackson

A message from Jaime Jackson:

First, review my comments posted here.

Perhaps you live and board your horse outside my work area, but are facing a problem you are unable to solve on your own or with service providers in your area. But unlike a broader, more in depth issue to solve (e.g, constructing a Paddock Paradise, or rehabilitating a laminitic horse), your situation calls for an intervention that can be solved readily and quickly if only you had the right information to act on and the kind of support I can give you. In this instance, my "Single Issue Consultation" may be the way to go.

Here's some examples: something "weird" has happened to your horse's hoof and you need an explanation to put your mind at rest; you're doing your own trimming, but you're stumped by what to do in a particular part of the hoof, or which tool to use, or how to use that tool; you're horse is suddenly limping and no one seems to know what the problem is; you're not sure if you should use a particular surfacing material in your Paddock Paradise; the vet is coming to worm and vaccinate horses in your barn, but you're harboring doubts about whether this is a good idea or not. These are the sorts of issues I can help you decide what to do without taking a whole lot of time, as you might need in an extended email or phone consultation, or if I were to travel to your barn to solve the problem on site.

I charge a lessor fee for this abbreviated service, which is email based. I may ask you to supply photos after I hear from you.

Please register here. ($150)

After registering -- simply email your question/issue to me.

I look forward to helping you.