Trim Kit for Horse Owners

Some horse owners want to take a hand in the maintenance of their horse's hooves between visits of their professional hoof care provider. If you're such a person, here's my recommended "trim kit" to get you going. Click on the blue text for more information and ordering. If you are accustomed to trimming your horses yourself, then select from the list of tools/equipment for professionals.

RR-1: This tool will enable you to keep the Mustang Roll (turn of the hoof wall at ground level) smooth and rounded.

RR-2: If you've a bit more wall to shorten and round off, then use this tool to start and then fine finish with the RR-1.

HB-1: This is a sanding tool that follows the RR-1. You can use it to really smooth the Mustang Roll and also clean up debris on the outer wall.

Professional Hoof Pick: This is the pick I use to get debris out of the bottom of the hoof.

Wire Brush: Use this tool to clean off the sole after using the Hoof Pick.

Hoof Meter Reader: A "must" to gauge how natural your horse's toe angles and toe lengths are.

Trimmer's Apron: If you don't have some leather chaps laying around, it's a good idea to protect your legs with one of my professional aprons.