Message from Jaime Jackson:

     These affordable webinars feature specific issues that horse owners wanting to "go natural" with their horses will invariably face. I will discuss these challenges along with real NHC solutions promoted worldwide by the ISNHCP and AANHCP. From many years of experience in helping horse owners, I understand exactly what you are going through when "bucking convention" and going against the advice and dire warnings of your vet, shoer, trainer, and maybe a close friend who also owns a horse. It can get a person not well-informed to really worrying. But what do they really know about any of this? Probably little to nothing, and probably second hand.

     I will take on and dispel the myths and fears that are in the minds of most horse owners. My webinars are sure to stir the pot of controversy (nothing new!) while leading you to genuine NHC solutions. You don't want to be left out! Tell your friends and click on your hot topic below to learn more about it and then register today!

Live Webinar with Jaime Jackson -- "Is Pulling the Shoes and Letting My Horse Go Barefoot the Humane Thing to Do?" Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 09:00 A.M., PST

Live Webinar with Jaime Jackson -- "Is Pulling the Shoes and Letting My Horse Go Barefoot the Humane Thing to Do?" Friday, March 24th, 2017 at 05:00 P.M., PST

     That's where everyone starts. "Is this really in the best interest of my horse?" This is a big, big first step in the move to going "natural." And probably the most intimidating for horse owners new to it all. Today, thousands of horse owners have made the transition, and aren't about to look back. But even greater numbers are just hearing about this "barefoot revolution." And of those who want to give it a try, they are apt to run into a giant wall of resistance -- from their shoers, trainers, vets, and even other horse owners. It is rare that they will find themselves surrounded by a supportive circle of professionals. Some have had their farrier (often begrudgingly) try it, only to sore their horse so that he's ouchy. Others learn farriers are just plain "hostile" towards the idea of going barefoot. Still others are simply paralyzed in confusion from so many conflicting opinions about whether going barefoot is even humane -- probably a lot of it coming right off the Internet from equally confused horse owners. Trainers may oppose it believing that it just won't work for horses that are going to be ridden. And vets -- well, who knows what they'll say given that very few even know what a healthy, naturally shaped hoof even looks like, let alone what it is capable of doing unshod. Fellow horses owners, feeling a little bit insecure about it, may even turn their nose up at anyone who breaks from the shoeing tradition. In short, "pulling the shoes" is often one big knot of uncertainty that keeps horses in shoes. Fortunately, NHC is the way to pull that knot wide open and expose the truth of the matter!

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Live Webinar with Jaime Jackson - "My Horse Has Laminitis, and I Don't Even Know It?", Saturday, April 15th, 2017, 9 am to 10 am  PST 

Live Webinar with Jaime Jackson - "My Horse Has Laminitis, and I Don't Even Know It?", Friday, June 2nd, 2017, 5 pm to 6 pm  PST

     Don't feel alone, neither does your vet, shoer, trainer or riding buddy. The truth is, the early stages of laminitis are virtually unrecognized for what they are, even though they stick out like a "sore thumb" (an American idiom!) to NHC practitioners like myself. In fact, let me take this a little further, what most horse owners think of as "laminitis," isn't really laminitis at all! The result of this confusion is that a serious, often deadly, and international epidemic of the real disease has settled upon the horse world. Millions of horses are "infected" every day. It's not until the "unseen" symptoms of this disease erupt into the clinically devastating stage that action is taken. But because the clinical stage is as much misunderstood as the early stages are not even recognized, veterinary and farriery interventions simply don't work. At best, they "mask" the symptoms with crazy looking shoes and drugs. Horses that don't die outright in acute attacks, may linger on in living hell until the distraught owner simply tells the vet, "Put him down." Amid this "doom and gloom" portrayal of the disease, however, is some really good news! Once again, it's NHC riding in to the rescue.

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