Hay Pole Kits (1½ inch/3.81 cm inside diameter)


This is the same type hay pole unit used at the AANHCP Field Headquarters from 2010-2018. It does not include t-posts which you supply. It is a quick, efficient way to set hay (in bags) out on track in your Paddock Paradise. Visit the official Paddock Paradise website here for more information about this important concept for natural horse boarding.

If you aren't sure which diameter hay pole to get, be sure to order my PVC Pipe Sampler to confirm that your t-posts will fit my hay poles. These 1½ inch/3.81 cm inside diameter poles should fit most standard t-posts (see discussion below). Then order your hay pole kit.

Each fully assembled hay pole kit ("pole, bag, disk") comes cut to size, drilled, fitted with hardware, netted hay bag, t-post disk, and is ready to use. All you need to do is set it over your t-post and fill the hay bag. Your horses will take it from there!

Partially fitted hay pole kits ("pole only") are cut to size, drilled, and fitted with hardware. Hay bags and t-post disks are not included.

To understand all the parts of the Hay Pole Kits and their use, be sure to read the hay pole instructions!

Other items (discussed further in the hay pole instructions) you may need or want to invest in for your Paddock Paradise:

  • Use the 6 foot/1.8m or 6½ ft./1.98m long t-posts (other lengths won't work) available at Home Depot, hardware, and ranch supply stores.
  • Use a t-post driver to set t-posts (see image at left); this makes setting t-posts very easy -- also widely available where t-posts can be purchased.
  • Use a t-post puller for removing t-posts quickly and easily.  Order online from Walmart, Amazon, and ranch suppliers.