Natural Diet Consultation


A message from Jaime Jackson:

If you need help in naturalizing your horse's diet according to NHC principles and practices, then this is the right consultation choice for you. This consultation is also strategic for the prevention and natural healing of laminitis. My colleague Jill Willis conducts this important service. Jill and I work closely together to manage the AANHCP field headquarters, which includes our association's Paddock Paradise, feeding program, and tours.

You may register with Jill for an email or on-site consultation at your facility. Email Jill before registering for an on-site consultation and explain your needs.

Jill offers two natural diet consultations. Before registering, email Jill and explain your issue and she will advise you which consultation to choose:

  • Comprehensive email diet consultation, $300 (register above).
  • Abbreviated "Quick Question" variant. $50 (register above).

You call also order the AANHCP Recommended Diet for Horses here.