Webinar Chat


I will set up a private webinar consult to answer your questions -- any questions -- about NHC: the natural trim, Paddock Paradise, diet, and understanding the horse's natural behaviors -- all based on my wild horse studies and 45 years as a professional practitioner in the field. There's no consultation form to fill out as with the Comprehensive Consultation, which is set up to get to the bottom of serious problems like laminitis and navicular syndrome and with a game plan to heal the horse. But I can look at photos, vet and farrier reports, and anything else you have to help you understand NHC and suggest things you can do to make it work for you and your horse. If you are a farrier, trimmer, or horse owner do-it-yourself trimmer, I can answer your technical questions about the natural trim and sequencing. If this interests you, register on this page and then send me an email with several time frames when you will be available to meet. I will counter to confirm and provide you with additional instructions. This session allows for one to two hours of discussion.