A Closer Approximation of the Bull's-eye On the MATW Using An Infrared Thermometer With Laser Pointer Gun


20 pp, color printed, perfect bound.

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About this book

The location of the Bull’s-eye on the Median Axis of the Toe Wall (MATW) is a
core Navigational Landmark of the Natural Trim Hoof Plexus. According to the theory of H°, it enables the Natural Hoof Care Practitioner to find their way to both H° and H°TL. These two Critical Measurements are foundational to the Natural Trim as they correlate directly with their ancient wilderness counterparts, namely N° and N°TL, derived from America’s wild, free-roaming horses. Without these correlations linking the domesticated horse to the wild, free-roaming horse, there would be no genuine Natural Trim in the world today. Hoof care would then default to the crude hoof care theories and practices borne of medieval Europe.

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