Hoof Stand Innovations

Some of the innovations to my tripod hoof stand are worth your serious consideration if you are contemplating becoming, or transitioning to, a professional natural hoof care (NHC) practitioner:

  • The purpose of the tripod hoof stand is to render one’s work more efficient when trimming the hoof and transitioning from one hoof to the next, called “Sequencing” in the natural trim based on the U.S. Great Basin Wild Horse Model.
  • The aluminum tool caddy is designed to carry the specific tools used by professional NHC practitioners. We are not farriers.
  • The steel frame of the tripod hoof stand is zinc-plated to prevent rusting.
  • The legs of the hoof stand can be removed and stored in the tool caddy for transporting over long distances when cargo space in your vehicle or flight is minimal.
  • The tripod legs are made of channeled steel for superior strength. They are also angled for optimal stability on uneven ground.
  • The tripod legs are centered equally under the hoof stand base by means of three “pegs” pressed into the base. One leg is intentionally aligned with the slanted grip head for stabilizing the hoof on the hoof stand and for sighting the Median Axis of the Toe Wall (MATW) for hoof balance and BTL cloning. 
  • The flip-up cradle attachment facilitates quick and efficient moving between grip head work on the outer wall and cradle work on the bottom of the hoof. No need to remove and exchange one attachment (e.g., the grip head) in order to use the other (cradle), and vice versa.
  • The flip-up cradle also serves as a carrying handle when moving from one hoof to the next.
  • The Spring-Loaded Height Adjuster attachment enables the telescopic inner shaft securing the grip head/cradle attachment to move up or down with “push of the button” ease. In many situations, there is no need to remove the hoof from the grip head to change the height of the hoof you are working on.
  • The telescopic inner shaft is spring-loaded within the outer shaft and base of the hoof stand. It responds instantly to the “release and lock in place” mechanism of the Height Adjuster attachment.
  • Using the flat rasp handle like a stirring rod, the loaded tool caddy spins effortlessly and quietly in either direction upon the rotation disk of the hoof stand base.
  • Secured to the hoof knife cup is the Radius Rasp Magnetic Attachment holster for securing the RR-1 and RR-2 Radius Rasps for turning the Mustang Roll.