F. Dick "Turf" Flat Rasp


Essential natural trim tool

I offer the German-made F. Dick "Turf" Flat Rasp, arguably the best flat rasp manufactured today: It is aggressively sharp, balanced, and smooth to push. This is a critically important tool used in the natural trim; it is deployed specifically to remove wall flare. While one can use the F. Dick to turn the entire Mustang Roll, it is advisable to use it in conjunction with the Radius Rasps, Nippers, and HB-1 to turn a precision roll. For my most precise instructions for trimming the Mustang Roll, I recommend The Natural Trim: Basic Guidelines.

Go here for training to become a professional natural hoof care practitioner, or to sign into a clinic for horse owners with one of our ISNHCP clinicians.

Rasp handles and accessories available here.

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