The Natural Horse: Lessons From the Wild (2020 edition)


by Jaime Jackson

Perfect bound 2020 edition. 196 pp., B/W text; gloss finish, color cover.

Please note: If copies are not available here due to COVID-19 supply channels, check with your local bookstore. Distribution is available in most countries and is highly recommended to avoid steep international shipping rates and custom's fees. For your convenience, here is a link to The Natural Horse: Lessons From the Wild (2020 edition)

About this book

What is natural for your horse? Based on ground-breaking research with wild horses of the U.S. Great Basin, The Natural Horse vividly describes how domestic horses can be made happier and healthier through an understanding of what nature intended for their species. This landmark book, originally published in 1992 as The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild by Northland Publishing, opened the doors to the current international "natural horse care" revolution.

Updated in 2020 by the author. See Table of Contents.

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