The Natural Trim: Basic Guidelines


Title: "The Natural Trim: Basic Guidelines"
Subtitle: "Trim Mechanics, Biodynamics, and Healing Forces in Paddock Paradise: Working with Nature to Create the Perfect Hoof"
174 pp. Color text.

Can also be purchased at The Natural Trim: Basic Guidelines (2022 edition)

About this book

Description: "The 'Basic Guidelines' of the natural trim explain in extraordinary detail how the author managed the remarkable hooves of the horses of the Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices (AANHCP) over an eight year period (2010-2018). The horses lived 24/7 “on track” in the AANHCP Paddock Paradise, providing incontrovertible evidence that the natural trim can facilitate hooves bordering on “wildness” in a simulated adaptive environment."

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