J. Jackson Professional Tripod Hoof Stand (with Tool Caddy)


About my hoof stand

This is the hoof care industry’s most sophisticated tripod hoof stand. Designed and engineered specifically for natural hoof care practitioners.

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Click here for a complete description of my Professional Tripod Hoof Stand, including parts and assembly instructions. File (PDF) is high resolution and downloadable. Use these instructions for assembling this product.

This product does not include trimming tools. Find other tools and equipment click on "Hoof Care" on the website menu bar above.

This hoof stand can also be purchased in Europe. Go here.


Due to the weight and high shipping costs associated with this product, neither returns nor refunds will be honored unless there is evidence of a manufacturing defect within 30 days of purchase. In which case the defective part will be replaced at no expense to the customer. Returns or refunds due to damage caused by misuse will not be honored.