New "Deluxe" Rope Halter January 20 2018

Perfect for sequencing.

F. Dick Rasp Handle January 20 2018

New product from F. Dick (Germany)

Another important tool for horse owners! August 13 2017

As I get many requests from horse owners wanting to understand more about their horse's hooves, I can't think of a better way to provide them with tools they can use themselves to learn first hand. Last week I introduced the "Hoof Meter Reader (HMR)," a tool for measuring toe length and toe angle, and which is calibrated relative to the wild horse hoof -- my model for healthy, naturally shaped hooves. This week I'm recommending the "Hoof Balancer," made of sturdy Lexan plastic and probably the strangest piece of plastic you'll ever own! Well, until you learn how to use it. We use the Hoof Balancer in ISNHCP clinics to teach students how to "sight" hooves for "hoof balance" and "heel balance," just as I did during my study of U.S. Great Basin wild horse hooves. Why is this important? Hooves not in balance are vulnerable to breakdown (e.g., Navicular Syndrome), tripping, and interference, and dangerous falls that can bring injury to horse and rider. No need to wonder any longer if your hooves are naturally balanced! Now you can do something about it and let your trimmer know if they're on the ball or not! Used with the HMR, you're really equipped to solve and prevent problems. So, go get your own Hoof Balancer here. Basic instructions for hoof and heel balance are included. If you want the companion comprehensive book on the subject, you can order the Hoof Balancer Instruction book (free shipping anywhere in the U.S.) here. BTW, I'll be back in a week to feature another useful tool to help you with your horse's hooves. The J. Jackson Online Store always has your back. See you at the checkout counter! -- J. Jackson

An important "tool" for every horse owner! August 07 2017

More and more horse owners want clear answers about their horses hooves from our NHC perspective of what's genuinely "natural." Chances are good they're not going to get this from their farriers, the vast majority of whom continue to thumb their noses up at the greatest gift the horse world could ever hope for: the wild, free-roaming horse of the U.S. Great Basin. These animals spells out the truth of the matter! I've created several "tools" and books to help horse owners help themselves to get answers. One tool is the Hoof Meter Reader (HMR), which I created years ago so that I could measure wild horse hooves during my studies with the BLM's help back in the early 1980s. We use extensively during the ISNHCP training program. It's that important! The HMR is easy to use and lets you know if your horse's hooves are in the natural toe angle and toe length ranges or not. Measurements off the HMR readout scales could very well mean your horse's hooves are in trouble and need help. Why wonder or worry when you can find out yourself? The HMR is both a preventive and diagnostic tool. In fact, vets should be required to learn how to use them in vet schools. You can purchase your HMR here, and I've included instructions you can reference anytime right on this website. Shipping is free for both U.S. and international orders. I'll be back next week to talk about another tool you can put to good use. The J. Jackson Online NHC Store has got your back. See you at checkout! -- Jaime Jackson

New F. Dick "Bison" knife April 06 2017

I've migrated to the new F. Dick "Bison" knife for several reasons -- its narrow, relatively straight blade, which more closely aligns with a naturally shaped sole; the high quality alloyed steel; the 0 degree "scalpel" blade bevel for more precision cutting; the Kotibe hardwood handle; left and right-hand options; and the overall superb workmanship that characterizes all of F. Dick's products. Get it here.

Dusty Rose Aprons November 06 2016

Due to requests, I've returned the Dusty Rose trimmer's apron to my inventory. Available here.

Laminitis: A Plague of Unconscionable Proportions -- Healing and Protecting Your Horse Using Natural Care Principles and Practices October 18 2016

"In contrast to conventional therapies, I take (and teach) an entirely different and unique approach to laminitis treatment, particularly in the way we deal with its triggers. Basically it works like this: known triggers are removed entirely (or mostly so) from the horse’s lifestyle, and the horse is then brought into the broad, holistic fold of NHC based on the wild horse model. This accomplishes a number of things: pain is mitigated; the inflammatory response of the triggers in the foot’s dermal structures is calmed so that sensitive tissue (e.g., the LAM) can heal; and the body’s vascular and digestive tracts are restored to their natural balance and vitality." p. 22

Natural Trim Clinic open for registration February 09 2016

I have opened my first natural trim clinic for the year, April 29-30, 2016. If you are an amateur trimmer, professional, or a horse owner wanting to learn the basics, then this clinic may be for you. See clinic description and registration here.

New shipment of F. Dick Flat Rasps have arrived November 20 2015

New shipment of F. Dick flat rasps have arrived. If you haven't tried these superior rasps, you are missing out. Due to the arrival of a new generation of NHC tools, I use the F. Dick flat rasp rarely on the bottom of the hoof (volar profile), as this work is now done principally by the GE nippers (standard and race track), hoof knife, flexible HB-2 rasp (to accentuate the water line), and SR-2 rasp for bar and sole refining. Instead, it is deployed in a very limited but important way across the outer wall to remove excess growth, and in establishing symmetry (front hooves) and asymmetry (hind hooves) around the mustang roll as viewed in the hoof's superior view. The F. Dick is complemented by the RR-1,2 series of radius rasps and the flexible HB-1 sander/buffer for fine finishing the outer wall and mustang roll. If you are a "barefooter", professional or amateur (including horse owners), you may wish to take one of my hands-on clinics to learn their proper use. See the F. Dick here:


Southern California Equestrian Directory November 08 2015

Visit the Southern California Equestrian Directory.

My NHC Services are located under "Alternative Therapies" and under "Health Care."  

J. Jackson Natural Trim Clinics September 01 2015

J. Jackson Natural Trim Clinics

If you are having problems or uncertainty regarding your horse’s hooves, whether from unnatural hoof care practices, laminitis, or the possibility of Navicular Syndrome (NS), my “hands on” clinics can help you.

2 Day Natural Trim Clinic – this clinic will give you the foundations of the natural trim and how it can be applied to any hoof, whether perfectly healthy and sound, or suffering the effects of laminitis, NS, shoeing, or harmful/invasive trimming practices. If you have been trimming on your own but aren’t sure about yourself, then this clinic will give you the skills and confidence to expand your hoof care capabilities. This clinic is also a door opener to those thinking they want to become professionals and move on to the ISNHCP NHC Practitioner Training Program. Because the clinic takes place here at our AANHCP Field Headquarters, you’ll also get to see our horses’ great hooves – which represent the goal of the natural trim -- and the natural environment of our official Paddock Paradise they live in and that renders their hooves like the ones I studied in the wild. If I had may way, this clinic would also be a requirement of all equine vets before leaving vet school, and, at the very least, a “continuing education” accredited course.

Here’s the 2 Day clinic link:

Private Clinic – this clinic is ideal for the “aggressive” hands-on learner full of questions and knows what they want. But it is also excellent for the more reserved learner who tackles problems in a slower, well-measured manner and needs my guiding hand to lead them through and past problems and into the realm of NHC (natural horse/hoof care) that leaves pathology behind once and for all and delivers “vitality”. And if you are a farrier, and simply need the “crossover” skills to augment or depart from your shoeing skills to become an expert at the natural trim, I can really help you because I was a professional farrier before I discovered NHC and know exactly where you’re at. With no one around to bother us, we can dig right into trim mechanics and I can help you deflect all the farrier myths that keep horses in shoes that are no longer necessary.

Here’s the Private clinic link:

AANHCP Paddock Paradise Tour September 01 2015

AANHCP Paddock Paradise Tour

If you’re considering creating a Paddock Paradise natural habitat for your horses, or simply want to know more about genuine natural care for any horse, then I highly recommend taking a tour at our AANHCP Field Headquarters and Paddock Paradise here along the central coast of California.

For most of our visitors, the experience has been life changing, particularly for understanding what we mean by “natural care”. On the tour, you get to experience first hand many of the things I wrote about in my book, Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding. My colleague Jill Willis and I will be right there with you to answer every question and point out things you might not notice.

You’ll walk our “track” and see the many “paths” our horses have created for themselves, as we say, “they know exactly where they want to go”. But there’s more: their interesting behaviors, pleasant and curious demeanor, and sound muscular bodies. “Your horses are so friendly,” is a common theme we hear from visitors. Of course, there’s their incredible hooves, which I maintain as needed in accordance with the principles and practices of the “natural trim”. Many have asked us, "what is a natural trim" and "what does a natural trim look like"? Wonder no more! Bring your video camera because you'll get to see and touch the real thing and take the images back to share with others. In addition, you’ll get to compare those hooves with our wild horse hoof specimens so you can see the wonderful similarities that all horses deserve. I'll also show you the unique tools and equipment that I use to trim and that are so important to do it right.

On another front, you’ll see how and what we feed our horses – and both are incredibly important to sustain their natural movements, vitality and freedom from such diseases as laminitis and parasite infestations. Their 24/7 "life on track" is also stimulated by wild life that cohabit with them or pass through. This includes the "ambush predator" mountain lions who provide important "prey-predator pressure" on horses come dusk. This is nature's built-in behavior mechanism to facilitate natural "collection" and athleticism, which, as a consequence, facilitates the prevention of Navicular Syndrome!

Okay, so the next time you look into the eyes of your horse, ask yourself, what is truly in their best interest according to their specie’s biological needs? Paddock Paradise answers that question unequivocally. For all that they do for us, it’s the least we can do for them. Take a tour with us and find out for yourself.

Work Station Hoof Stand Update . . . "Deluxe Tool Caddy" August 06 2015

The Work Station (WS-1) has been upgraded with the addition of the new "Deluxe Tool Caddy". I've tested the prototype for several months and instantly went for it. What I like about it most of all is its many "compartments" that have been configured individually to hold the entire NHC tool line. This was a growing problem for the professional NHC practitioner using the earlier tool caddy which failed to accommodate all our tools and in the right way for efficient use. The Deluxe Tool Caddy solves the problem, giving us the right kind of space and the amount of space we need.

Other features -- the Deluxe Tool Caddy: detaches from the hoof stand for easy cleaning, has a carrying handle for work without the hoof stand (although I haven't found this useful since I always use it with the hoof stand), and includes a new plastic disc for spinning around on the hoof stand base (another great improvement over the earlier model). The main body of the caddy is now square instead of tubes grouped around the main shaft of the hoof stand. At first I thought this would be an impediment to working around, but within seconds I realized it was actually more compact and less of an intrusion than the previous version. Moreover, its "spin" on the stand was so superior that tools seemed to just arrive effortlessly right under my finger tips. In short, I can never go back. My old caddy sits in the corner of my storage now, and seeing it there reminds of how NHC continues to advance on many fronts -- including new tools and equipment.

Note: The "Deluxe Tool Caddy" with spinning disc can be purchased separately to replace your old tool caddy (with cups) on the WS-1 hoof stand.

See complete WS-1 here.

See "Deluxe Tool Caddy" as a replacement item here.

HB-2s have arrived . . . newest addition to the hand tool line. August 06 2015

The HB-2 takes us to another level of giving nuance to the incredibly important mustang roll. I've been using the prototype for several years and it has rightfully earned the position of constant companion. It is now available for sale to serious NHC practitioners.

Technical Note: The HB-2 possesses a unique “grating” action that facilitates precision cutting and rounding of the mustang roll just outside the water line. The latter is "nature's horseshoe" and should be a prime target to accentuate before completing the roll with the HB-1 Buffer.

Check out the HB-2 here.

Many new products to serve the NHC community! January 31 2015

I'll try to visit this blog once a week to describe products and information now available on my website.

Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding continues to hold its own, 10 years since I wrote the book. It's also in different languages, with a new translation in Dutch in the works, and another in Spanish that is being negotiated. If you're new to NHC (natural horse care), PP might be a good place to start.

The Healing Angle: Nature's Gateway to the Healing Field is a bit advanced for newcomers, but if you can work your way to it -- especially if you are a trimmer -- it will be worth your time and effort. It's about the "mysterious" healing field that mediates the remarkable growth patterns that I discovered in wild horse hooves and that I apply to my work with domestic horses. The first half gives the background and science, the second half is about applying the healing field to a horse with Navicular Syndrome. It's a "works in progress" addition to my library, so I'll return to it in the future to add new information.

If you are a trimmer, or a horse owner who does their own trimming, check out the tools and equipment. These are the things that I use today as a professional practitioner. You won't find them all in a farrier supply house because they are designed to facilitate the "natural trim", not horseshoeing.

If you want to learn, then come in for a clinic. Or register for a consultation if your having problems and you want my input. My colleague Jill Willis also provides consultations on "diet", and believe me, her knowledge stands at the very cutting edge of what's good and natural for horses.

Okay, that's it for now. It's back to the ranch up in the nearby coastal mountains where we run the AANHCP Field Headquarters and Paddock Paradise. Worth a tour if you want to see the real thing (NHC) in action.

See you soon!

Jaime Jackson

Welcome to my new website! October 12 2013

I've been wanting to put together a new website with a new look and ease of use for a number of years. Finally got around to it!

Over the next two to three weeks I will be adding in new NHC products and educational materials. I'll also make every effort to post here regularly, so come back often to get the latest news.

Thank you for your patience and continuing support during this transition period.

Jaime Jackson