Hoof Meter Reader


Invented by Jaime Jackson - $19.95

About my Hoof Meter Reader

2012 model replaces 1999 version.

  • User friendly! For horse owners, trimmers, farriers, and vets.
  • Reads easily from both sides of the horse — no need to reach across one hoof to measure the other.
  • 3 measurement dials:
    • Yellow dial measures left hooves.
    • Red dial measures right hooves.
    • White (center) dial is scaled in both metric and U.S. units.
  • Measurements are calibrated to my measurement data gathered from wild horse hooves as published in The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild (Northland Published, 1992).
    • Compare your horse’s measurements with those of sound wild horse hooves.
    • Know when your horse’s hoof measurements are in the “natural” and “healthy” ranges or are “unnatural” and heading towards lameness.
  • Indispensable hoof gauge for conducting the natural trim.

Free simplified instructions for horse owners available here. You can download and/or print and take to your horse to use.

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