the Hoof Balancer Tool


The Hoof Balancer Tool provides us with a quick, easy, accurate, and efficient way to verify hoof balance based on the wild horse hoof model. While it is highly recommended to all hoof care practitioners in the field, particularly when confronted with extreme capsule deformity, it certainly can be used by horse owners to determine if their horses' hooves are naturally balanced.

The Hoof Balancer is made from durable .177" (about 1/4 in.) thick polycarbonate (trade name “Lexan”). It is more scratch and break resistant than the acrylic plastics, but it is recommended that you keep it in its own protective carrier. Don’t leave it around for the horse or others to step on! To clean, the Hoof Balancer can be washed with warm water. It can be also be cleaned and polished with plastic cleaners such as “Allstar ALL78200 Plexus Plastic Cleaner and Protectant.”

The much recommended Hoof Balancer Instruction Book may be ordered here.

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