T-Post Disks (1½ inch/3.81 cm)


t-post steel disks (OD=8 in/20.3 cm), laser cut, powder-coated, with PVC Couplers

About these T-Post Disks

These T-Post Disks are powder-coated electrostatically in a hard white finish to prevent or minimize the steel plate underneath from rusting. They are used with my 1½ inch/3.81 cm hay poles. (Go here if you are using my 2 inch/5.08 cm hay poles.) If you are not using my hay poles and are uncertain of which size to select to fit yours, order my PVC Pipe Sampler which will help you make the right choice.

Why use them?

Downward pressure applied to the hay bag by the horse when eating can drive the t-post further into the ground. This also takes the hay pole and hay bag with it, soiling your hay when the bag reaches ground level. My unique t-post disk will transfer the horse's pressure from the hay pole to the disk, which will minimize the hay pole and t-post from sinking further into the ground.


First, slide the disk down the t-post onto the ground, making sure the t-post blades are not protruding above ground. Next, attach a 1.5 inch PVC coupler (not included) to the bottom of your hay pole (but don't glue it on), then slide pole with coupler down the t-post onto the disk. The coupler rests on the disk and prevents the hay pole from going through the hole in the disk.

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