Zoo Paradise

Many wild animals are now finding refuge from certain extinction in zoos, whose keepers and supporters have truly risen up to help in the highest humanitarian spirit. But is traditional “zoo life” our best course of action for these dispossessed creatures of the wild who have done nothing at all to deserve their fate? Zoo Paradise takes us into the troubled and shadowy world of modern zoos, bringing light and hope for wild animals living in captivity.

What is Zoo Paradise about?

  • No more cages, concrete enclosures, and moats.
  • No more chained animals.
  • No more isolated animals.
  • No more close confinement.
  • Animals move freely, 24/7 in simulated natural environments based on their specie’s biology and ancient adaptation.
  • Natural diets and natural feeding behaviors.
  • Safe havens for threatened wild animal species facing extinction.
  • Facilitates wild animal vitality.
  • Educational for children and adults.
  • Integrated wild animal and people paths.
  • Based on the author’s research of America’s wild, free-roaming horses of the U.S. Great Basin.