Hay Bags


Hay bags are important because they minimize hay loss due to wind, trampling and soiling by horses if fed on the ground. All you have to do is slip the hay pole over your t-post (see instructions), snap on the hay bag, and the horses will take it from there!

I offer two different hay bags: "netted" and "gusseted." So, which type Hay Bag do I recommend? This question is best answered from personal experience, in other words, consider experimenting with both. There are advantages to each. The netted bags hold a bit more hay than the gusseted bags; they can be stuffed with 3 or more large flakes of hay. But packing them is a bit more tedious, since the bag is closed off with a Quick Link, rather than a draw cord. Having said this, with practice the netted bag can be closed off with the Quick Link in less than a minute. The gusseted bags, in contrast, hold 3 mid-sized flakes, but are so simple and easy to pack, snap shut, and cart off to the feed station, they are tempting! Both are reviewed in detail in the hay pole instructions, so check that out to help make up your mind.

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